About Us

Since its inception in 1988, Murray’s Honey has been a staple in the homes and pantries around the Ottawa Valley. Bill Murray was (and is) a familiar face in local grocery stores, producing and hand-delivering boxes of honey to store owners.

Children who have grown up with Murray’s Honey on their breakfast tables are now parents themselves. As consumers, they balance safety, quality, and health in a product with a company’s sustainability, environmental footprint, and packaging when making their decisions.

Murray’s Honey was—and is—the same honey they have loved for years. 

While our family farm has been in operation since the 1830s, our commercial honey operation started in 1988.

Bill’s interest in honeybees is what sparked the inception of Murray’s Honey. As Bill produced more honey, he started to look for ways to sell it in local stores. Soon, the honey became a valued product, and more grocery stores across the Ottawa Valley began stocking it.

As beekeepers, we know that the bees under our care are subject to a lot of environmental pressures, and we keep things as stress-free as possible for them.

We take care of the whole process, from caring for the bees, harvesting the honey, packaging the honey, and delivering it to stores in the Ottawa area and up the Ottawa Valley.

Murray's Honey is located in White Lake, Ontario.

The Murray family has been an integral part of Renfrew County for over 100 years, and as stewards of this land, their gratitude for the abundance of life is evident in the products they sell.

From the unique and abundant basswood, clover, and other local nectar sources that help create beautiful clear honey, to the familiar Murray’s Honey beehives spread throughout region, Murray Family Farm Ltd. continues the long history of producing quality products for local families.

Renfrew County imbues every part of Murray Family Farm products.

Meet The Team

Murray's Honey is a family-owned business in White Lake, Ontario.

William Murray

Owner, Beekeeper

William (Bill) first worked with bees when his father connected him to a local beekeeper for a student job. The event spurred an interest in beekeeping that has spanned more than 60 years. For over 30 years, Bill has been keeping bees and selling honey in the Ottawa Valley. Bill is still very active in beekeeping activities, as well as producing and packaging honey.

Peter Murray

Owner, Beekeeper

Helping Bill over the years, Peter joined the business in 2014. In addition to being active in the beekeeping, processing and packaging of honey, Peter has helped grow the business and incorporated a number of modern adjustments to help improve the operation.

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We can trace the honey in each jar to the beeyard it was harvested in.
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